Ross Plesset



The many publications I have written for include Cinefantastique, Premiere Online, Star Trek magazine, Star,, The Brea Progress (Orange County Register), Filmfax, Outre, Femme Fatales, Starburst, and Dreamwatch.

Some of my online work can be found here:

McQuarrie Memories (

Twilight Zone: The Movie- Visions Lost in the Twilight Zone

Star Wars: Holiday Special - Script and Directors
Star Wars: Holiday Special Artists - McQuarrie and others
Star Wars: Tooning Out the "Holiday Special": Nelvana Studios



"Walt Disney's Unrealized City of the Future A Conversation with Disney EPCOT Imagineer Marty Sklar" (Filmfax #148, May-July) 

*Marty Sklar

  It's now online (sans my original introduction) here.

2014 (website under construction)

Toy designers/artists, including:

*Sam Cornell

*Gordon Shireman

*Ralph Dunn

*Alex Laird (aka: Alexandra Laird)

*Erin Libby

*Armando Baeza

*Kathy Bleser

*Elonne Dantzer

*Marlene Dantzer

*Justine  Dantzer

*Gerry Leistikow

*Joyce Clark

*Jean Burger

 *Bob Baker (Bob Baker Marionettes)



 The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (CraveOnline)

*J.W. Rinzler


The Day Time Ended... A Vision Lost in the Vortex! (Filmfax #126)

*Paul Gentry

*Steve Neill

*Wayne Schmidt



 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (CraveOnline)

*Thierry Coup

*Daniel Radcliffe

*Jim Hill


King Kong Rises from the Ashes at Universal Studios (CraveOnline)

*Bob Burns

*Tom Williams

*Valerie Johnson Redrow


Concept Artist Neville Page on Tron and Green Lantern (CraveOnline)

 *Neville Page


Joe Alves:  From Id to Odd to Jaws & Beyond (Filmfax #125)

*Joe Alves


Behind the Glasses--Unseen Special Effects: Jaws 3-D (Filmfax #125)

*Joe Alves

*Chuck Comisky

*Carl Gottlieb 

*Rupert Hitzig

*Woods Mackintosh

*Randy Roberts

*Robert Skotak

*Danielle Verse



Celebrating 30 Years of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Star Trek magazine #23)

*Jon Povill


Godzilla 3-D (Filmfax #122)

*Rick Baker

*William Stout

*Jim Aupperle

*Stephen Czerkas

*Don Carmody

*Gene Warren, Jr.


Sleep Dealer Preview (CraveOnline)

*Alex Rivera

*Mark Russell



Twilight Zone: The Movie -- Visions Lost in the Twilight Zone (Twilight Zone Museum website)

*Allen Daviau

*Joe Dante 

*Craig Reardon


The Making of Star Wars (CraveOnline)

*J.W. Rinzler



Dinosaur Animation for Land of the Lost (Filmfax #114)

*Gene Warren, Jr.



Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (DreamWatch #122)

*Harrison Ellenshaw

*Mark Rosenthal


On the Set of Walkout (LA, et al)

*David Sanchez



The Art of Space Travel with Joseph Jennings (Filmfax #107)

(co-written with Kevin H. Martin)

*Joseph Jennings


Star Trek's "History of the Future" Museum (Filmfax #107)

*Penny Juday


Unused Ideas for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Filmfax #107 )

*Robert Collins

*Jon Povill

*Paul Rabwin

*Bob Baker


The Grid (Filmfax #107)

*Matthew Robbins

*Hal Barwood

*Jim Bloom 

*Syd Mead

*Geoffrey Kirkland

*Ralph McQuarrie 



The Return of the King (Cinefantastique vol. 36 #1)

*Howard Shore


The Return of the King (Starburst Special #62)

*Randall William Cook



The Return of the King (Cinefantastique vol. 35 #6)

*Grant Major

 The Return of the King (Dreamwatch #112)

*John Howe



 Spider-Man (Cinefantastique(Cinefantastique vol. 34, #3/4) 

*Sam Raimi

*Tobey Maguire

*Ted Raimi

*Danny Elfman

*John Dykstra 

*Laura Ziskin 

*James Acheson

*Neil Spisak


Spider-Man: The Web Not Taken (Cinefantastique vol. 34, #3/4)

*James Cameron

*Joseph Zito


Disney's The Black Hole (Filmfax #92)

*Peter Ellenshaw

*Harrison Ellenshaw

*David Mattingly 

*George McGinnis

*John Hough

*Jeb Rosebrook

*William Wood

*Gerry Day

*Ron Miller


The Lord of the Rings: The Animated Films (Cinefantastique vol. 34, #1)

*Peter S. Beagle

*Saul Zaents 

*Arthur Rankin 

*Lester Abrams

*Chris Conkling


The Tortoise and the Hare (Cinefantastique vol. 35, #1)

*Ray Harryhausen

*Mark Caballero

*Seamus Walsh


Journey to the Center of the Earth (Cinefantastique Online)

*Rusty Lemorande

*Paul Carafotes

*Brett White


ElectraWoman and DynaGirl  (2001 revival) (Femme Fatales vol. 11, #7)

*Marty Krofft 

*Markie Post

*Greg LaVoi

*Jeff Kline

*Elisa Bell


Women of Star Wars (Sirens of Cinema #3)

*Michonne Bourriague



The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings (Cinefantastique vol. 33, #6)

*Peter Jackson

*Richard Taylor

*Philippa Boyens

*Grant Major

*Alan Lee 

*Christopher Lee

*Elijah Wood

*Ian McKellen 

*Mark Ordesky


Planet of the Apes: Unfilmed Scripts (Cinefantastique vol. 11, #4)

*Oliver Stone 

*Don Murphy

*Graham Yost

*Adam Rifkin


Planet of the Apes (Cinefantastique vol. 11, #4)

*Danny Elfman 

*Rick Heinrichs 

*Ralph Winter

*Bill George

*Tim Roth

*Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

*Terry Notary


Return to Planet of the Apes: Linda Harrison (Femme Fatales vol. 10, #4)

*Linda Harrison


The Official Movie Magazine: Planet of the Apes (SFX)

*Tim Roth

*Paul Giamatti


 All You Need is Shrek (Cinefantastique vol. 13, #3)

*Andrew Adamson

*Vicky Jenson

*Terry Rossio

*James Hegedus 

*Raman Hui

*Ken Bielenberg


It's Tough to be a Bug (Cinefantastique vol. 13, #3 )

*Kevin Rafferty

*Tom Fitzgerald

*Mike Sandrik


The Amazing Lost Museum of the '70s: Movie World (Outre #26)

*David Cellitti

*Bruce Gordon 

*Paul Osterhout 


Tolkien: The Road Not Taken (Outre #26)

*Heinz Edelmann

*Rospo Pallenberg 



Syd Mead Interview (Outre #20)


Robert McCall Interview (Outre #21)


The Star Wars Holiday Special (SFX #67)

*Peter Mayhew

*Patty Maloney

*Ken & Mitsy Welch


The Primevals (Cinefantastique vol 32. #2)

*Kent Burton

*Chris Endicott



Ralph McQuarrie (Filmfax #72 and #73)

*Howard Kazanjian

*Brian Johnson

*Phil Tippett 

*Hal Barwood


Spider-Man: The Ride (Cinefantastique vol. 31, #7)

*Gary Goddard

 *Jeff Kleiser

*Scott Trowbridge


Land of the Lost (Cinefantastique vol. 31, #1/2)

*Marty Krofft


Stop-Motion Animation (100-year anniversary) (Cinefantastique vol 31, #1/2)

*Paul Verhoeven 

*Phil Tippett 

*Tom Smith

*David Allen

*Robert Stromberg

*Jim Danforth

*Charles H. Shneer

*The Chiodo Brothers


Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! (Cinefantastique vol. 31, #5)

*Randal Kleiser 

*Tom Fitzgerald

 *Steven Spiegel



Never Say Never to Barbara! (Femme Fatales vol. 7, #1)

*Barbara Carrera


The Primevals (Cinefantastique vol. 30, #3)

*David Allen


The Star Wars Holiday Special (Filmfax #69-70)

*Ralph McQuarrie

*Joe Johnston

*Stan Winston

*Pat Profft 

*Lennie Ripps

*Patty Maloney 


On the Set of Je M'Appelle Crawford (Premiere Online)

*Kylie Bax 

*Veronica Webb

*Kimora Lee 



The Future of Theme Parks (college project)

*Tony Baxter, Walt Disney Imagineering 

*Richard Bastrup, R&R Creative

*Jason Cardwell, Landmark Entertainment

*Steve Clark, Management Resources

*Ray Euberroth, American Coaster Enthusiasts

*Leon Jansen, E Ticket fanzine

*Jim Joiner, AVG

*Tom Keubler, LifeFormations

 *Ward Kimball, Walt Disney Productions (retired)

*Jim Seay, Magic Mountain amusement park (Valencia, California)

 *Dave Schweninger, Ride and Show